Pamasana Cervical Traction Device for Neck Pain Relief – Portable Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain


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【CERVICAL TRACTION DEVICE 】 : Improper posture results in muscle stiffness and compression. Use our neck stretcher that perfectly matches the human cervical spine and support its correct posture. This neck and shoulder relaxer provides horizontal, curve and vertical stretch for the cervical spine to help in neck pain relief.
【PERFECT SOLUTION FOR MUSCLE STIFNESS 】 : Perfect and effective physical solutions to relief stiff neck, helps in proper cervical curvature linked with consistent use. No matter if you work throughout the day behind a desk or table or working at computer all the day, this neck support pillow for neck pain provides muscle relaxation with comfortable sleep in the evening, Get some relaxation after work.
【SOFT & DENSE COMFORTABLE DESIGN 】: Pamasana Cervical pillow for neck pain relief comes up with soft, dense and comfortable design, lightweight and adorable color. This cervical traction device elongates neck muscles, resulting in rapid decrease and continued relief from stress, migraines and stiff tension headaches.
【 SAFE BRETHABLE CERVICAL PILLOW FOR NECK PAIN 】:The neck pain pillow for neck traction is made of breathable foam with bamboo cover that helps mitigate odor. This neck cloud – cervical traction device is head gravity massage with moderate strength improve the problem of cervical dislocation and relieve soreness to maintain a healthy body.
【MASSAGE POINTS for NECK PAIN Relief 】: This neck traction cervical pillow with multi massage points target the tender areas in the neck providing massage and stretches the neck to more effectively release headaches and neck muscles stiffness to help in quality sleep.


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